Here at Hope&Grace we've been on a journey of exploring our Bibles. We want to break down the barriers that get in the way of us reading our Bibles, and be equipped to approach the Bible with confidence.

To do this we've been exploring courses, like our flagship 'Bible Basics' Course, and we are going to be introducing workshops to the mix too. Our first workshop will be 'Where to Start' a 1 hour workshop dedicated to the practicals of beginning to read the Bible, either again or for the first time. You can find more information on this workshop below, as well as an enquire form, Please fill this in: you will be under no obligation, but you will be the first to know more details (like dates and prices) for the first workshop!

'Where to Start'

A practical, 1 hr workshop designed to help us all with that familiar thought: 'I just don't know where to start'


- For those of us who want some practical help

- A 1 hr Workshop

- Taking some practical steps to begin reading the Bible

- Practical advice, method & surprisingly simple ideas that work

- Helping us break down the scary

- Equipping us to approach the book confidently

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