'Bible Basics' Course. Part 8: Expectation and Approach

Hello friends, and welcome back to the 'Bible Basics' Course from Hope&Grace.

Thanks for being here - it's so lovely to have you join us for this conversation!

Save the date: On Saturday (20th June) We're going to have an Instagram Live at 7:30 - it'll be a space to ask questions, have a chat, have a little review & dig into some things further if we want to. Come follow us on Instagram so you don't miss it, and feel free to message me any thoughts/questions ahead of time if you like.

As you guys know, this course comes out of the conversation we've been having lately about our relationships with the Bible, and what gets in our way. In this course I want us to address those barriers, and be equipped to approach the Bible with a lot more confidence. Today we are back with part 8 - looking about how we should form our expectations of and approach to the Bible.

Here are some expanded notes from our eighth video:

Let's start with a few questions about the Bible:

  • Is this book here for us to show off our artistic sckiils?

  • Is this book for me to become the cleverest person on the planet?

  • Is this for me to take pictures of and grow a following on Instagram?

This book actually not about me. So my approach to it shouldn't be about me either.

This book is about God. It's about us in so far as we relate to God and God to us, but this book is about God, and our approach to it should be about God too.

We must approach this book with an expectation of learning about and hearing from God. We can expect the Holy Spirit to bring these words to life and to work on the inside of us to bring about the transformation of our hearts and minds into a more Christlike and whole version of ourselves (Romans 12:2).

We can and must approach this book with ears to hear and eyes to see. Not with hands ready to produce something, but with ears to hear. After that it's up to you.

If you have these basics and expectations then you can't go far wrong with this book.* If you expect God to speak to you and you are here to hear from him and about him then you can't go far wrong. After that it's up to you.

I'd suggest by starting humbly. We must approach God with humility - thats the way this works. If we approach God with pride it won't go well.

  • Pick a Gospel that you haven't read recently

  • Grab a pencil and a highlighter if you want one.

  • Then: read a little, pray a little, ponder a little & record a little. It's really that simple.

  • Approach the story of God expecting to hear about God and from Him.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

  • Don't listen to the lies.

  • Open up the book.

You can't be disappointed if you're looking for God in this book.

If you want structure or a guided bible study, grab a Ponder Pack from our Ponder Project. You can find them here. It'll give you a weekly focus and verses to read. It'll give support and structure to your reading.

If you are new, or a fresh returner to the book, go to a Gospel first.

Mark is short & simple. Maybe start there.

Today's encouragement:

Let's expect God to speak to us when we open this book. Let's approach the Bible with a desire to learn about Him rather than look for what he's saying about us. You'll find answers in here every time you open it because the two go hand in hand: as we learn more about who God is we learn more about who we are too. BUT if we approach this book looking for answers about what to do with our life tomorrow we may be disappointed. If we approach the Bible asking God to teach us about WHO HE IS we will not be disappointed. He is in every page; every word is about Him. You can't be disappointed if you're looking for God in this book.

Action point:

  • Open the book. Pick a place to start & pop a tab in.

  • Pop a marker in Mark. Grab a Ponder Guide. Do something to make it easier to find your starting point next time you open it up.

What's Next?

For those of us who want a bit more practical help with starting off, I'm going to be doing a 1 hr 'Where to Start' Workshop - It'll be about the practical side of beginning to read the Bible that help us break down the scary and approach the book confidently. If you want to know more or want to register your interest then hop along to some more info and a sign up form here.


Keep in touch via Instagram/Facebook & make sure you're on that emails list!

I'll keep you all up to date on there!

I pray that as you finish this course you are inspired and equipped to dig into your Bible with renewed confidence. God is wanting to speak to us through his word. All we have to do is open it and read.

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