'Bible Basics' Course. Part 3 'My Story'

Hello friends, and welcome back to part 3 of the 'Bible Basics' Course from Hope&Grace. Thanks for being here - it's so lovely to have you join us for this conversation!

As you guys know, this course comes out of the conversation we've been having lately about our relationships with the Bible, and what gets in our way. In this course I want us to address those barriers, and be equipped to approach the Bible with a lot more confidence. Part 3 is a conversation about our personal stories with the Bible.

Here are some expanded notes from our third video:


First, some definitions for any who need them.

Evangelical - Evangelical Christians believe that the Bible is the highest authority for the Christian Church & faith. 'If it's not in the Bible it shouldn't be happening' is something one might hear frequently in Evangelical circles. Evangelicals believe that every believer must make their own personal choice to follow Jesus. Often if a Church has a strong Bible teaching emphasis to its worship, it is in the Evangelical tradition.

Charismatic - Charismatic Christians have an emphasis on the Holy Spirit. Charismatic Christianity lays heavy importance on a personal relationship with God; 'God spoke to me' is something one might hear a lot; while one would expect to see prophecy, miracles, healings and physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

As with all traditions within the global Church, these are on sliding scales - church communities can have a mild flavour of these, where some are more extreme. One would often find a combination of Evangelical/Charismatic in mainstream western Churches today (as well as around the world).

Video Notes:

- Just as we each have a different story with God, we each have a different journey with the Bible. As we mature, learn disciple & as we choose to either dig in to or take steps away from faith in Jesus, our need for and relationship the Bible changes in that too.

- If we understand rightly the relationship between the Bible and the God that it is about, then we can rightly understand the importance of this book & the answers, food & truth that is found in its pages.

- The Bible is not God itself, rather it tells us ABOUT God and points us to Him. As we, filled with the Holy Spirit, read the scripture, the Holy Spirit works in it and through it to bring about change in our hearts and minds. It informs, guides, instructs and is a source of comfort to us as we journey through our life of faith.

Today's encouragement:

Here's the deal: God has already provided us with this way of getting to know Him. We've just got to open it. He is here to be found if we look. He will speak to us if we ask him to & make ourselves available.

Action point:

After Each section we are going to have an action point (or three). Here are today's.

...That's my story. What's yours?

  • What is your Bible story? Write it done, make a voice memo, have a think... what is your story so far with this holy book and the God we find in it? Where do you find yourself with it now? What do you want your relationship with God and the Bible as part of the working out of your faith?

  • Share it if you like. Perhaps pop a comment below. I'd love to hear it! You know the places to find me if you want to.

Alright then friends. See you on Saturday for parts 4 and 5!

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