'Bible Basics' Course. Part 2 - What is the Bible?

Hello friends, and welcome back to part 2 of the 'Bible Basics' Course from Hope&Grace. Thanks for being here - it's so lovely to have you join us for this conversation!

As you guys know, this course comes out of the conversation we've been having lately about our relationships with the Bible, and what gets in our way. In this course I want us to address those barriers, and be equipped to approach the Bible with a lot more confidence. Part 2 is a look at what the Bible is, it's purpose & what it is to us today.

Here are some expanded notes from our second video:

The Bible a record; the story of God and his chosen people. It is his story - history.

The Bible is an invitation. An invitation to get to know God more. It tells us about the God we love. It is an invitation to get to know Him more.

The Bible is God's Word. There is something of God in this book.

The Bible is about Jesus. Every single word in this book points to Jesus. It is how we get to know Him today.

The Bible is one of the formative ways that God speaks to His people today. It is how we get to know God's voice. And it directs His Church.

The Bible is made Holy by how God uses it. When God breathes on it and on us, it changes us.

The Bible can be a friend. A companion in our lives. A source of joy and comfort.

The Bible is a voice of correction in our lives. It can be a teacher.

The Bible is the Gold Standard for our faith. It is common between all Christian Churches. It was compiled by the church, for the church. It was kept to instruct those that came after them.

The Bible is trustworthy. You can trust it.

The Bible is the way by which we, as christians today, can know our God. We can hear His vice, read His words, learn about His character: we can know who our God is.

Today's encouragement:

This is why it is so important that we have this conversation and encourage each other to open this book. It doesn't matter how old your Bible is, which translation it is, or when it was last open. Let's say YES to the invitation that God is giving us today. His invitation is 'Will you come and learn about me? Will you come and learn my voice? Will you come and fall in love with who I am, just as I love you?'

Action point:

After Each section we are going to have an action point (or three). Here are today's.

  • Locate your Bible. Hold it, open it, get used to it. The more we have to do with the Bible, the less scary it becomes.

  • Will you accept the invitation? If so, make a note of that on the inside cover of your Bible, or on a loose piece of paper that you can keep in your Bible.

Alright then friends. See you on Thursday for part 3!

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