The Ponder Project continues...

- Termly Ponder Guides 

- Based on the 2021 Calendar 

- Three additional seasonal projects


Birthed in 2020, the Ponder Project has seen God draw us into deeper relationship with Him in our everyday lives. We've taken a deep dive into twelve verses and, using monthly Ponder Guides, have explored what they teach us about the character of God, nature of our faith, and application to our daily lives. 

It's been amazing. We've seen our prayer lives deepened, freedom to explore the Bible for ourselves and empowered to bring our questions to God and ponder them with the Holy Spirit. We have begun to experience deeper conversation with God and have found that he is there in the middle of our everyday to commune with us.

SO, is the Ponder Project going to continue into 2021?! YES!

Is it going to be exactly the same as before? No.*

*if you scroll down you'll find an explanation for these changes.

Here's what the 2021 Ponder Project is going to look like...

short version: 

- Termly Ponder Guides 

- Based on the 2021 Calendar 

- Three additional projects throughout the year (TBC) 

long version:

- The 2021 Calendar has 12 hand picked verses to guide us through a year of Pondering (just like 2020!)

- We will have one Ponder Pack per term, so a total of three Ponder Guides* throughout the year, each one will cover three months. These will make up the core of the 2021 Ponder Project, and all three are included in the 2021 Ponder Project Subscription.

*other elements such as Print Packs (tbc) will be available

- Interspersed between these three Ponder Packs will be three projects (as yet unnamed). One for Easter, Summer and Christmas. These will run alongside the three core Ponder Packs. 

We will be rooted by the 2021 Calendar which will take us through our year of Pondering. Each Ponder Guide will enable us to dive deeper throughout the whole term, and for those of us who want it there will be three Seasonal Projects for us to dig in to too.



Why only 3 Ponder Packs in 2021?

In 2020 we had 12 different Ponder Packs. This was both amazing and growing(!) but also alot for each of us to keep up with. For 2021 we wanted to slow the pace down a little and give us all more room to both be flexible and go deeper in our pondering. 

What is included in the Subscription Voucher?

In your 2021 Subscription voucher you will get: 

- 3 x Ponder Guides (1 per term)

Additional Pondering Materials (such as Print Packs and Seasonal Projects) will NOT be included in the voucher. 

How will the Seasonal Projects work?

These will be three extra opt-in projects that we will do as a community. They will be different from the Ponder Guides, each will probably look quite different, and each will prayerfully aim to take us somewhere new in our faith. We aren't yet sure exactly what they will look like, but we are super excited to see what God does!