Redeem your 2021 Subscription

Yay! You've been gifted a subscription voucher to The 2021 Ponder Project, whoop! You've come to the right place to redeem it. 

Quick questions:

What is the Ponder Project?

Birthed in 2020, the Ponder Project has seen God draw us into deeper relationship with Him in our everyday lives. We've taken a deep dive into twelve verses and by using monthly Ponder Guides we have explored what they teach us about the character of God, nature of our faith, and application to our daily lives. We've seen our prayer lives deepen, freedom to explore the Bible for ourselves and empowered to bring our questions to God and ponder them with the Holy Spirit. We have begun to experience deeper conversation with God and have found that he is there in the middle of our everyday to commune with us. And it's continuing for 2021!

What is included in my Subscription Voucher?

In your 2021 Subscription voucher you get all three of our 2021 Ponder Guides, one per term. That's nine months of pondering covered by your voucher. Whoop!

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Claim your 2021 Subscription:
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