About Hope&Grace

Hi! I'm Anna. I love to create, and it's inspired by my friend, Jesus. 

I'll create anywhere you'll let me, and I'll paint anything that helps the world learn a bit more about how incredibly faithful He is. 

Hope and Grace began as the quiet dream of an eighteen year old Anna who loved to paint and had recently discovered the soul building quality of the point where watercolour and scripture meet. Some years later, The Hope and Grace Design Company was born out of that place. 

Using a unique style of lettering, and a love of the joy of The Word of God, Hope&Grace exists to inspire and encourage you in your faith and daily life. 

I create each design by hand (either digitally or with a real life paintbrush) before ensuring the highest quality print for you, and I pray that each is full of the hope that can only be found in Jesus. 

When I'm not painting or sketching or playing with digital designs on my iPad, I'm collecting vintage and interesting things, old broken books and other amazing finds and dreaming of ways to lovingly make them into an inspiring journal for someone to enjoy.


One of the reasons that Hope&Grace has been morphing into theHope&GraceDesignCo. is to accommodate these different loves, and allow each facet of this creative expression of faith to grow and (hopefully) bless more people along the way! 

I live just outside of Bath, England and take a huge amount of inspiration from the surrounding beauty of this area that I get to call home. 

Thanks for visiting Hope&Grace - its great to see you here! 

Anna xxx